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All About Me

I am a mompreneur. I love bread, life, health and my fantastic 3 boys. I have a passion for all things health related-especially health that encourages a heathy gut. Growing up I had my own battle with food, which has had its own beautiful spinoff-I now see food as a friend and not an enemy. Food is meant to nourish and not to punish. In this quest for finding recipes and means to love and nourish myself, I have found that the original, whole and simple ingredients, left to ferment and, to an extent, self digest have been a constant reminder that food is beautiful. My most favourite food to play with is bread. It is a creature on its own. Once activated, it thrives on touch, a pinch of being wild, sometimes needs to curl up and rest, and other times it needs evoking, but it always provides nourishment. This creature invites me to be a better me daily- a better artist, a student to the process.This is me.

My Philosophy

I believe sharing moments with the people that you love is by far my most important belief. It supersedes any monetary object, and since life is an unpredictable event, this is how I choose to spent my greatest moments. My husband and I have family all over the world: some belong to my actual DNA and some are what us South Africans call 'heart people"...strangers, who became friends, who became family. This is why we do what we do and travel all over joining the dots and sharing life moments with all of you. This is my journey.